1. Candidates must be faculty at University of California at Berkeley.
    1. Candidates for the Carol D. Soc Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award must have held the rank of associate professor or full professor for at least five years as of the deadline for nomination.
    1. Candidates for the Carol D. Soc Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award for Early Career Faculty must hold the rank of assistant professor or have held the rank of associate professor for no more than five years as of the deadline for nominations.
  1. Nominations may come from department chairs, faculty colleagues, or former students of the nominee who have received their terminal graduate degree as of the due date for nominations. Supporting letters from others may be added to the file for each nominee. In the past, successful packages included supporting letters from students, former students, colleagues, and others familiar with the mentoring work of the nominee.

Nominations must be received by Friday, February 7, 2020, at 5:00 pm without exception. Nominations will now be submitted electronically to a Box folder.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Please note that we now only accept nominations electronically in PDF format.
  • All letters must be submitted together as one file and named as follows – LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME-2020_SOCNOM.PDF
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by a nomination cover sheet.
  • Please designate a nominator who is responsible for the submission. This person must complete the cover sheet and write the lead nomination letter.
  • The nomination must be submitted as a complete packet with all letters of support included.
  • Each nomination may consist of one (1) nomination letter and up to eight (8) letters of support in one packet. The nomination letter and support letters can be collaborative or written by more than one person. (A team approach for these is very effective.)
  • Letters should:
    • scanned into a PDF and all letters should be scanned together as one file.
    • be on official letter-head (where appropriate)
    • be signed and dated
    • include contact information for the author (name, email, organization)
  • In advance of submitting your nomination packet, please signify your intent to nominate here. You will then be invited to a Box folder where you can submit your nomination.
  • All nominations are confidential; however, their redacted content may be used for publicity purposes in campus publications (as excerpts) and at the Graduate Mentoring Awards Ceremony.

If you have questions about these submission guidelines, please contact Jane Fink at the Graduate Division at jhfink@berkeley.edu or at 510-643-9164.

Download Cover Sheet